Kegel Balls: Rejuvenate Your Vagina For More Intense Orgasms

If you would like to have more powerful orgasms and rejuvenate your vagina naturally than you need to be working out your vagina. This may seem like a new concept to many, but strengthening the muscles of your vagina, specifically referred to as the pelvic floor muscles, can help you achieve a higher level of satisfaction from having an orgasm. The best way to one these vaginal muscles by far are kegel balls. So what exactly are these?

Kegel balls are tiny shaped weights that you insert into the vagina or anus, if you prefer, to exercise the pelvic floor muscles. These have been around since Ancient times as early as 500 AD. They are referred to as many different names, such as Ben Wa Balls, Pleasure Balls, and even Orgasm Balls. Whatever you call them, they all work to improve the elasticity of the vagina. And in addition provide positive benefits when it comes to help controlling your urinary bladder.

When you strengthen these vagina muscles you improve your sexual performance with your partner who can enjoy a tighter grasp during intercourse. Also you can go solo with these kegel balls as they massage the inner walls of the vagina and can cause intense sexual pleasure while inside of you. After practicing your kegel ball exercises regularly you will become in better control of your pelvic floor muscles and be able to contract them willingly during sex, which increases your capability of climaxing.

Let’s talk about how to use these sexually stimulating balls. First off, you want to empty out your bladder. Don’t do this if you feel the urge to urinate as this could cause urinary tract issues down the road.

Depending on what type of balls you are using, and how many of them the process of inserting them may be a little different. Generally you want to insert one ball at a time. Using an over the counter lubricant like v-tight gel can help the insertion process feel more smoothly.

Next squeeze your vaginal muscles as to hold the balls in place. This should feel like there is something pushing down on your vagina, and your body should feel like it is full. Many women say this is similar to the first time they used a tampon. However, after doing this a few times just like using tampons your body will quickly get used to the feeling. Keep the balls inside of you for at least fifteen minutes at a time. We highly recommend starting out with one fifteen minute exercise per day, until your body gets used to the feeling.

Then, instead of increasing the time or amount of exercise sessions you undertake we suggest changing up the activity at the time you are using the balls. Instead of sitting still or just rocking in a chair when you first are getting used to the feeling of the balls inside of you, next you should stand up and walk around with them in. This will increase the amount of stress you put on your pelvic floor muscles as you keep trying to hold them in. You will notice that it gets tougher the more you move around.

Think of strengthening your vagina muscles as toning any other muscle of the body. You need to keep changing up your exercise and increase the weights in increments to build up more muscle mass. It’s important to think of vaginal exercises as being just as important as any other regular exercise program you do.